Real-time Aerial Inspections

All our drones are equipped with high resolution cameras, this allows us to fly our drones and provide a real time, high definition video feed.

This is extremely useful for inspecting hard to reach places where scaffolding would be required like roofs, towers, etc.

It is also one of the only options for a close inspection where human presence is not possible due to hazardous terrain.

Additional Options

In addition to Real-time inspections, we can capture imagery and process it to create an accurate true-to-life 3D model.

This processing also generates a rayCloud™ which can be seen below.

A rayCloud™ is a reconstruction of the site normally consisting of millions of points that have been identified in images. Each ray you can see in the image corresponds to an image that the point was identified in, on the right is a preview of some of the aerial photos with a green cross marking the selected point.