SR Aerial Services Overview

  • Aerial Video & Photography

    Aerial video and photography offers a fantastic opportunity to really showcase your project. Whether you are looking to show off your sporting venue to potential investors or clients, a stately home as an exclusive venue for hire or capture your wedding in a completely different format, then we can offer you images that are clear, and precisely what you are looking for. No matter how difficult the location in question is in terms of access, our drones will be able to take the footage you need from the very best angles.

  • Tall Structures

    In addition to building surveying, our services are also complemented by our wind turbine surveying. We can fly our drones at height over your wind turbines in order to help you check for any damage that might have occurred as a result of inclement weather conditions. This is by far the safest way of conducting such a survey and will allow you views from every angle in order to fully assess any damage.

  • Thermal & 3D Modelling

    Various uses: Thermal Imaging for example can be used for heat loss through a building’s fabric, Inspection work for Damaged Solar Panels, Searching for Missing People or Animals.

    Monitoring the effectiveness of Irrigation on your land. Thermal images can show wet location on your land and help plan necessary drainage works.

  • Construction & Development

    We can also offer you a comprehensive service when it comes to building surveying. Our drones can make light work of accessing all those harder to reach areas of your building without the need for expensive specialist safety equipment. Using drones to complete your building surveying offers you the opportunity to record comprehensive footage of any issues from every angle, this can be recorded so that you can play it back later in order to scrutinise any potential issues in the comfort of your own office.