Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that you may have some questions about the services that we offer so have put together a list of some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help you.

If we haven't answered your question below please let us know on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our drones can fly in light rain; however, water on the lens may spoil your photos or video. We cannot operate in high winds; optimum wind conditions are gusts below 22mph. Drones can fly in both hot and cold weather – on colder days this may reduce the amount of time that we can get from a battery.

We understand just how frustrating, and unpredictable the weather in the UK can be, which is why we keep a careful eye on the forecast for several days before a shoot. If the weather is looking bad, we will discuss the shoot with you in advance, and if you still decide to go ahead on the chosen date, then our pilots will wait for a break in weather conditions before conduction the shoot. If you decide to change the date, we will be able to look at alternatives with you.

Yes, our pilots are fully qualified and insured to fly our drones.

Under CAA regulations we can fly drones from ground level to a height of 400ft, this ensures that they do not interfere with airspace for manned aircraft which fly at heights of over 500ft.

In normal conditions the life of a single battery is around 30 minutes however we prefer to fly for a shorter period before landing the drone and changing the battery – we will always carry plenty of spares. Battery changing is a quick process, and the drone will be back in the air in just a couple of minutes so we can complete a lengthy shoot with minimum disruption.

Every project is unique, and our prices will vary depending on the nature of the job you require; the associated risks, the location, and precisely what you want doing. We are happy to discuss this with you.

We will carry out a detailed survey in order to provide you with a quote.